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We’ve seen several changes to mortgage lending regulations in the last few years, so we understand if you’re having trouble keeping up. And there could be further tightening of the rules around proof of income for Canadians who are self-employed. This has always been a tricky area; sometimes smart tax planning means that you don’t claim a high income. But that can cost you when it comes time to get a mortgage.

  • How to handle this? If you’re self-employed, your best strategy is to talk to us about your best possible mortgage … and that means we should talk now.
  • There are several programs availble in the mortgage industry specifically designed for self-employed individuals. 
  • All programs require that you have active trade lines reported on your credit bureau report and a beacon score of at least 500. 
  • The better your credit rating the more favourable are the terms, conditions and interest rates available to you. 
  • Down payments range from 5% for those who enjoy a good credit rating and can prove their income, to 20%-25% for those who are not (i.e. there's a cash component to your business in that you deal directly with your consumer) and whose credit rating may not be so good, with various other levels between. 

Like to know more? Here's what to do next:

Call me at 519-690-1457.

I will help you through a quick 10 minute No Obligation questionnaire to see if you qualify.  If you do, we will discuss your finances in more detail to make sure this is the best option for you.  There is no fee to you if you choose to go ahead.

A mortgage broker is independent and doesn’t work for the banks – or for any one lender. In fact, we have access to over 50 lenders, including regional and private lenders, so we can help find the lender and the mortgage that are right for you.

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